Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Appreciate this world!

Vicky and Sam want to smell the flowers. They must walk a long walk to smell them. The only problem is, they're tired and it's dark out! What are they going to do? Read and find out!
"Almost there? I'm hungry and cold!" Sam complains to Vicky who is walking ahead of her.
"Yes! Please calm down and look around you." Vicky tells her
"What am I supposed to look at? It's too dark!" Sam complains again, to Vicky! 

"Just look at the stars and how amazing this world we live in is! Smell the beautiful flowers around us. Be thankful that we have a beautiful place to go too! We will be there soon! Don't worry!" Vicky says.
Sam now understands. While they were trying to have a nice walk, all she did was complain and not appreciate the beautiful world she lives on.

"Let's rest a little and then we can keep walking!" Vicky says as she sits down underneath a big tree.
"Okay!" Sam adds

"Wait. Look over there!" Sam says to Vicky
"What?" she asks
"There's flowers over there!" Sam says 
"That's not the flowers we are looking for." Vicky says

"They may not be the flowers we were looking for, but they're really nice. We should all appreciate this world! These flowers we can find in our backyard, yeah. But what makes these special like the other ones, were that we had to find them!" 

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