Friday, May 22, 2015

Let me explain... + Old photoshoot

Around 4 or 3 months ago, I used to post nearly every single day! Now, I barely post every week. I think it's time tell you all the reasons why I didn't. Well you see, being in middle school is very tiring! I have loads of homework every night, even on weekends and I have a lot of trouble with the teachers. Most of them hate me, which doesn't make me in the mood to post anything. Also, I'm at the age where you get interested in boys or girls, depending on which one you are interested in. No I don't have a boyfriend, but there's this one guy! If you would like to know more about him, just message me. I'm always going out with people and having a fun time. So taking pictures of dolls doesn't fit in my busy schedule. But I'm trying to fix that and I am trying to find a way to take pictures. I also have absolutely no inspiration, so comment below what you would like to see in the next month! I really do need some help! Since summer is approaching and my one year on AGblogger is close, I will be posting more! But I still want a summer to relax and to be with my friends and family too! So I'll have to find some time for both. Now I think I've talked (typed) enough about why I haven't been active lately! So let's see these old and ancient Samantha pictures I took when I was eleven! And I will react to them. Please keep in mind that these were taken when I was eleven!

Ellie: Where the heck did this dress go?!? It's so cute!!

Ellie: Just a different angle then the first one.. classic!

Ellie: I like the lighting and dude that pony tail is like perfect haha!

Ellie: I remember that hair brush. I used it in her hair for like a year!

Ellie: That moment when a doll's hair is your hair goals... I love her hair!

Ellie: I really like this picture and I don't really know why! 

Ellie: What the fruit loops is this?! Head stand doe!

Ellie: She looks so peaceful! (*Wakes her up by singing The ABC song out loud*)

Ellie: She is way more talented than me. Unless eating is a talent... probably isn't... who cares... okay bye

Ellie: Who sleeps on a pole. I don't even know how to explain this one. Like it's not even goals or anything. I'm crying because I'm laughing so much... okay bye...

Ellie: This is so cute though! Look at that sign... I made it!!

Ellie: I love this!!

Ellie: This is super adorable though! Like aweee!!

Ellie She's literally standing in a bowl... bye

Ellie: AWE!!

Ellie: Her dress is rising up and it's bugging me (*Goes back in time to fix it*)

Ellie: This picture describes my life!

Ellie: Awe! I made that in the fifth grade :))

Ellie: Yes. This is a poop eraser. No. I don't know what I was thinking. Goodbye!

Ellie: Comment if you know who that is!

Ellie: Wut? What the elephant is that puffy white thing!?!

Ellie: Casually sleeping on the floor underneath a huge victorian couch! 


Lainey Dunlap said...

Adorable pictures! Samantha is so pretty in your pictures! Inspiration will be back, don't worry dear. ;)
You have Licorice? I have always wanted Licorice, but have never had the chance to get her.
Talk to you soon,

Sharon Collins said...

Very good for an 11 year old!

Middle school is tough. Especially the work load. Enjoy your break. I know you probably have a summer read list. I'm 57 but I still remember middle school. Think of something you like to do. Take a class on photography if you have one available. Don't give up.

I remember my summers of bike riding, baseball, (totally neighborhood kids all ages); sleep over, checking out the boys or girls, movies,& swimming. I babysat for piano teacher & next door neighbor. I learned many things from those ladies!

Enjoy your summer.