Saturday, October 3, 2015

This isn't the end

Hello everyone, it's Ellie. Wow, first time I blog in 3 months. Lots has happened in those 3 months. I have some news for you, pretty sad and upsetting news. I don't want to say this, but I will no longer be on LDHOTP. Over the summer, I lost interest in dolls. I've been on blogger for a year now and it was great, but I'm just not into dolls. I didn't want to just leave and never talk to y'all again. It took me so much courage to actually sit here and write this for you guys! You guys aren't my fans or my friends, you guys are my family. And I couldn't of asked for a better experience here on agblogger. I won't be deleting this site or my account. I'm saving it here so some days I could look back here and smile. I will come back, not to post about dolls, but to see how everyone's doing. How my family is doing. I know I've said it before, that I'm leaving. But this time it's real. It's not that i'm embarrassed of dolls, it's that I'm growing out of the things i used to like. I'm going to go visit the ag website once in a while. See what I'm missing out on. For old time sake, let's see now what I'm missing out on! I see Mary Ellen is out! She's beautiful! The new outfits are so adorable. I wish I had the chances to buy them when I liked dolls. That's so sad to say! I think that's enough said. I'll miss you guys like crazy! I love you all! Good luck with your blogs or youtube channels, or whatever you guys have! Please keep in mind that no, it isnt goodbye. Bye everyone xoxo

-Ellie Blue, little dollhouse on the prairie :)

Little Dollhouse On The Prairie


Sharon Collins said...

Good luck. You never know what the future holds. You could change the name & update us on your new interests. Like fashion. Your party dresses, prom, & other things in your life. I look forward to hearing about your life now. Have fun. You never know where your writing will lead.

Lainey Dunlap said...

I hope life is being kind to you girl. I'll miss reading your posts here on your lovely blog. I hope you'll still stop by and post every now and again. Don't hesitate to message me any time!
talk to you soon.
Your friend,

Melody Silverleaf said...

So very sad to hear this. I am glad you won't be deleting the blog. It's a nice one. If you decide to start a different blog with your interests, let us know; it would be good to see what you are doing.

You never know what the future holds. Your dolls are quiet now, but they may get loud again - not in the near future, but later.

Best wishes in all you do.
Tea Time with Melody Q

Melody Silverleaf said...

Just a quick note to say hi!